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carpet odor treatment
There are a million different reasons you might have odor problems plaguing your home or office. Pets and spills are some of the most common sources of foul smells, and do-it-yourself solutions don’t always provide the results you want to see. If you need effective odor treatment, AAAA Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning provides the best services to residential and commercial clients in Redding. Our techniques use enzymes to break down the contaminant, release it from the fibers of your carpeting, remove the stain and take away any lingering odors. This is effective against nearly all stains and odors that may occur in carpeting. We can also protect your carpet from future stains by applying Green Guard.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile cleaning can be meticulous and challenging. Our team of cleaning professionals, however, is trained in grout cleaning for tile flooring and surfaces. Though tile is beautiful in a kitchen or bathroom, it can also be susceptible to the buildup of gunk and dirt, and these materials can compromise the health of anybody who comes into contact with the surface. How do you prevent the accumulation of such grime? Regular professional cleanings can combat the problem and keep your tile looking fantastic. Our services won’t just provide improved looks, however. Investing in cleaning will also reduce the possibility of illness from built-up bacteria and allergens on your tile.

We Offer Comprehensive Care

AAAA Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning is the top name in cleaning for clients in Redding, Anderson, Shasta County, Butte County, Chico, Red Bluff, Shasta, Shasta Lake and Willows. We specialize in carpet cleaning and a range of other professional cleaning services to ensure that our clients have access to all of the resources needed to maintain their home or business. To learn more about us or make an appointment, call us at 530-262-3290.