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carpet & upholstery
For over 30 years, AAAA Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning has served the Redding, California, area, providing top-quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Our company is family owned and operated to provide more of a personalized service for our customers. We started AAAA Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning by going door-to-door with promotional cards, and we built the business from that. Our carpet cleaners are licensed and certified by The Clean Trust to ensure you will always receive quality service.

Licensed & Certified Services

We are the only company, that we know of, that Hydro Force Pre-Spots/Pre-Conditions all traffic areas first. Then we use the RX-20 steam extractor to rinse with CLEAR PURE STEAM, leaving NO RESIDUE in the carpet to resoil quickly. Our customers appreciate no residue in their carpet and upholstery. The truck-mounted RX-20 steam extractor has five 4-inch smooth stainless steel heads injecting steam, gently scrubbing and extracting the dirt. We use a strong truck-mounted carpet cleaning unit so your carpet dries faster. The RX-20 costs $3,500 to put on the end of the hose. A regular wand costs about $300. Which one do you think does a better job? Only a few companies in Shasta County use the RX-20.
We choose not to use Scotchgardâ„¢; ask us why.
We use earth-safe chemicals.